Best Fortnite Season 5 Drop Spots: POIs With Most Chests

fortnite season 5 best landing spots

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The start of Fortnite Season 5 gave us several new locations to look forward to explore, with perhaps the most excitement surrounding the return of Tilted Towers, renamed Salty Towers this time around.

While this location has been among the most popular drop spots in the first month of the season, is it actually the most fruitful when it comes to chests?

As it turns out, there are better places to get more loot, and you won’t have to worry about being eliminated in the opening seconds of a match either.

While this likely won’t stop players from landing at Salty Towers each round, perhaps it can help you get good loot without having to go there. Here’s a look at where you can find the most chest spawns in Season 5.

Where Are All The Chests?

fortnite season 5 landing spots

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According to data put together by the team at, we know where all of the chest spawns are.

Now, you have to keep in mind that chest spawns are no longer guaranteed, so your mileage may vary, but landing at a POI that has the most spawns will generally be better than landing at a place that can only provide three at the very most.

Strangely enough, it looks like Lazy Lake and Misty Meadows are the two best locations for your to land if you want the chance at the most chests.

Salty Towers is no slouch either, but you might come to the conclusion that it’s not worth the trouble.

Any Surprises?

Something interesting is Coral Castle, a drop spot that is almost always deserted, actually has a decent amount of loot.

Coral Castle actually is good source of brick and you can usually get as much loot as you want uncontested, so there’s really no good reason that it’s always unlooted.

If you’re in search of a new drop spot, there are plenty of places you can go. If you’re looking for chests in particular, this map can definitely help you out, so give it a look and discover your new landing spot!

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