Simple Fortnite Klombo Change Gains Massive Fan Support

fortnite klombo concept

Epic Games

While we first saw the Klombo, Fortnite’s massive new dinosaur, in the Chapter 3 trailer, it has only just now been introduced into the game.

As part of the big v19.10 update that brought Tilted Towers back to the game, we now have this dinosaur roaming around the island. It didn’t take long for it to become a fan-favorite, and that sort of thing tends to happen with some of Fortnite’s cute creations.

Epic even got in on the fun by threatening to destroy Tilted Towers if anything were to happen to Klombo. At this point it’s tough to tell if they’re being serious, but we don’t want anything to happen to Klombo either.

This creature gives you loot if you feed it and it can also give you a free rotation around the map thanks to the wind tunnel coming off him. If you find yourself in a situation where it’s attacking you, all you have to do is feed the Klombo one of the new Klomberries to calm it down.

Some fans want to take that a step further and allow you to guide the Klombo with the berries. Here’s how it’d work.

Lead the Klombo

The suggestion, first floated by Reddit user Brajker, would have players attach one of the berries to the end of a fishing rod. Then, you would jump on top of the Klombo and guide it by casting the line. It’d be a similar idea to a carrot on a stick, and this would actually make a lot of sense within the confines of Fortnite. Minecraft has a similar concept that you guide animals with, so why not Fortnite?

It’s clear this idea has some legs because it has over 1,000 upvotes on Reddit at the time of this writing, and we’re sure players outside of Reddit would like to see something like this happen as well.

For some players, Fortnite is just a way to hang out with friends and have fun, so what could be more fun that getting a whole squad on top of one of these dinosaurs and riding it around? It likely wouldn’t result in many wins, but it would be fun to try out once or twice.

Perhaps the team that’s fighting your squad could hit Klombo while they are aiming at you and then it would be pandemonium for everybody involved.

Could Epic Do This?

fortnite klombo loot

Epic Games

Epic Games adds new features all the time to Fortnite, so this could definitely be in the cards. Things players never even thought of when the game first launched like swimming, fishing, driving cars, etc., eventually came to the game.

If you think back to Chapter 2, there was a cloak you could craft that would let you tame animals, and you can use the chickens to fly around with, so the wildlife in Fortnite has always been interactive in that way. Adding a berry on a stick item would be the biggest step forward the developers have ever taken, but it’s definitely not out of the realm of possibilities.

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