Fortnite’s Mothership is Slowly Moving Across the Map

fortnite mothership moving

Epic Games

The time has come for some cool things to start happening with the Fortnite plot, and it looks like Epic has decided to put things in motion with the massive mothership.

Ever since the start of Season 7, there has been a spaceship looming over the island, but we never really knew what was going to happen with it. With the v17.10 update, players were able to get inside of it, but that just raised a lot more questions than answers.

It’s clear that whatever is going on this season with the aliens has a lot to do with this UFO. Over the past several days, it’s been moving its way across the island, but where is it going? Let’s take a look and see if we can unravel the mystery.

What’s the Mothership Doing?

Thanks to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, we can see the spaceship’s movement in the recent days. Since June 23, it’s been moving toward the right side of the map, but its reason is quite unknown at the moment.

HYPEX notes that it has already moved several times this morning, so we might be seeing even more changes before the day is done.

We’re still quite early into the season, so it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing a ton of things being revealed by this spaceship, but its movements will certainly open the door for lots of speculation among players.

These types of plots are always fun to talk about, even if they don’t amount to much. Remember when the meteor was threatening to destroy Tilted Towers all those seasons ago? It was just looming in the air and getting larger by the day, much like the mothership.

The closest thing we’ve had to that feeling lately is Galactus, but that’s already a few seasons ago.

Coral Castle is the Other Way

fortnite coral castle destroyed

Epic Games

According to a variety of leaks, some of the locations on the map are getting an overhaul.

Holly Hedges appears to be on the verge of a name change, but we don’t know if that means we’ll be getting some new buildings there or not.

What’s most interesting is it looks like Coral Castle is set to be wiped off the map and replaced with something new entirely. If there was ever something that could destroy a whole POI at once, it’d be the mothership sitting over the island.

The only problem with that theory is the fact that the mothership is currently moving towards a different corner of the map. Coral Castle is all the way to the northwest, but the mothership finds itself currently in the southeast. That doesn’t mean it won’t be able to move around to that area, but it could take quite a while.

There’s still a lot of season left to go through, so whatever Epic has planned can definitely wait. On the other hand, we don’t want to be left waiting until the end of the season, so it’d be cool to see the ship wipe out some locations sooner rather than later.

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