NBA 2K22: Best Jumpshots for Your MyPlayer

NBA 2K NBA 2K22 Screen Shot

If you play NBA 2K MyCareer, venture into the PARK, Pro-Am or Rec, you know how important it is to pick the right jump shot for your MyPlayer.

Believe it or not, there is a science to choosing the right jump shot, but it isn’t exact. I’m going to recommend five jump shot combinations that should give the highest percentage of green (perfect) releases.

However, there may be others that you use which may work better for your personal play style. Keep that in mind as you take a look at the options.

Base 98 is Huge Win

  • Base: Jump Shot 98
  • Release 1: Kobe Bryant
  • Release 2: Kobe Bryant
  • Release Speed: 100%
  • Blend: 50/50

I admit, this one is a little quick for some, but the Base 98 has some of the most distinguishable cues for any 2K jump shot shooter. For the past few versions of 2K, it has also provided an ultra-quick foundation for a quick release.

The Kobe Bryant upper release is about as smooth as they come in the game, so this combination gives a desirable blend of speed and fluidity.

For the Big Guys

  • Base: Rudy Gay
  • Release 1: Kobe Bryant
  • Release 2: Kobe Bryant
  • Release Speed: 100%

In case you can’t tell, I really like the Kobe Bryant upper release. However, the other aspects of the jump shot have to be altered to compensate for the size restrictions in 2K.

Big men (players who are 6’10” or taller) don’t have access to the same base and release options. For bigs, Rudy Gay has the best base and it really isn’t close with any of the others available. When it comes to upper release, there aren’t as many restrictions.

However, I have found more success with smoother releases than quick ones while playing with big men. That’s part of the reason I still lean toward Kobe Bryant’s release–even for the big guys.

The Small Guards

  • Base: Trey Burke
  • Upper Release 1: Release 26
  • Upper Release 2: Release 15
  • Release Speed: 90%
  • Blend: 60/40

I think Trey Burke might be more popular with NBA fans because of how great his base animation is in 2K when compared to his actual career in the league. I love Burke’s base for all players under 6’10”, but I especially love it for the smallish guard.

It seems to transition out of dribble moves the cleanest, and the visual cues on the base are strong. This has remained the case for years.

When you combine this base with Release 26 and 15, with a near 50/50 blend you have something serious to work with on your MyPlayer. Let’s not forget the speed component–which might be all the more important for a small guard who needs to get into his motion quicker.

In totality, this is an excellent combination if you’re building a small guard who can fill it up from the outside.

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