NBA 2K22 Locker Code: How to Get DeMar DeRozan Primetime Packs

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One of the first truly coveted cards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam has been released, and it is the 92-overall Diamond DeMar DeRozan. You have a chance to cop the card by using this locker code.

The card is the prize of the recent PrimeTime pack series, and it also offers the first playable version of DeRozan with a Bulls uniform in MyTeam.

How to Get the Diamond DeRozan Card in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

Users can only get the DeRozan card through buying the PrimeTime packs or on the MyTeam auction block. The packs cost 7,500 VC and 10,500 MT for one. A box of 10 and 20 packs can only be copped for VC. The 10-pack costs 67,500 VC while the 20 goes for 135,000.

The other premier cards in this release are the Diamond, 92-overall Steve Nash; Amethyst, 91-overall Stephon Marbury; Amethyst, 91-overall Jason Richardson; Ruby, 89-overall Caris LeVert; and a Sapphire, 86-overall Bojan Bogdanovic.

The Nash and Richardson cards are the other strong cards in this release. So if you can’t pull a DeRozan during your respective pack openings, coming up with those isn’t a bad consolation prize. In the Auction House, the bids on the DeRozan card are starting at the max 100,000 MT, but the community isn’t falling over itself to grab it at this point. Because of this, fans of the card shouldn’t have a tough time grabbing it if they have no pack luck.

Here is a look at a full game of Triple Threat Online featuring the Diamond DeRozan.

Where Does the Diamond DeRozan Card Rank Among SGs & SFs in NBA 2K22 MyTeam?

The DeRozan card has some excellent mid-range attributes. It grades as an A in that category. It also has an A in inside scoring, playmaking (he did average 6.9 assists per game last season), along with an A+ in athleticism and basketball IQ.

However, the real downside for the DeRozan card comes in his three-point shooting. The former Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs star checks in with a D+ in that area. That said, DeRozan is still arguably the best SG in the mode at the moment.

You’ll see when you watch the video, the DeRozan jump shot hasn’t changed. It is still one of the easier ones to master in the game.

Because of the user-friendly release point, and because shooting open shots in NBA 2K22 is a bit easier than it has been in the past, you might be able to shoot a tad bit above DeRozan’s three-point ratings, and you should be lights out from the mid-range.

This will change as soon as next week, but for now, with his combination of finishing ability, size and mid-range shooting, Diamond DeRozan can still be a demon — especially in Triple Threat games. The DeRozan card is always similar to the Tracy McGrady cards that are released. The two player models are similar in size and they have identical jump shot animations.

Because of that, the DeRozan card can be good practice for the T-Mac that you know is on the way.

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