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101 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Kids: Your Ultimate List

Even with Christmas lists, it can be tough to get the perfect presents for the kids on your list. We’re here to make life easier with our list of 101 awesome Christmas gifts for kids. Boy or girl, outside or inside, active or educational – we attempt to cover it all with our selection of Christmas gifts that children will go crazy for. So browse down below and ensure this holiday season is a hit.

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What are Christmas Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything?

It's always difficult to find gifts for kids who have everything. In these cases, we typically recommend going with a custom kid's gift so that your present is sure to be unique. 

Children that are into superheroes could be a great target for these customizable options from Everfan. On their site are some awesome personalized capes and more. 

A customizable kid's blanket is something that you could get creative with which will also serve a purpose. But one of my favorite suggestions is to find a personalized storybook for the child you're shopping for. 

With a personalized storybook, you'll be able to create something that kids will be excited to go back and revisit time and time again. And because there's a solid amount of options out there, you should be able to find a story that revolves around something your giftee is passionate about. 

Plus, we all know the importance of reading to children. A recent study done by Ohio State University emphasized this.  So book giving is always a winning idea. 

What are the Best Christmas Gifts for Kids in 2022?

Toy trends change pretty drastically year over year. But the best selling toys of this year have both new and familiar products. 

Melissa & Doug children's toys continue to rank highly thanks to both their educational and fun factors.

The SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box is becoming extremely popular of late. This puzzle cube is comprised of 36 rare earth magnets that give it the ability to transform into 70 different shapes. And it's available in a wide variety of styles to suit each child's taste. 

And as you can probably guess, LEGO sets are as popular as ever. As are LOL Surprise Dolls. The Rainbow High set of figures seems to be gaining momentum as a top gift this year too. And, of course, Pokemon toys and Pokemon cards are always going to be hot-ticket items.

What are Some Gift Ideas for Kids That are Not Toys?

Sometimes the best gift idea for a kid isn't a toy at all. Practical things such as backpacks and lunchboxes, or fun and cute bedding items could be a huge hit if they're needed. Or getting adorable furniture for their rooms could be an easy win too. 

Outdoor furniture is something that will be appreciated when the weather gets warmer. And toy chests and storage always come in handy when all of those Christmas gifts begin to take over their room.

What are Some Small Christmas Gifts for Children's Friends?

It's always cute when kids are excited to exchange Christmas gifts with their friends. But as parents, that's not typically something you want to invest much money into. Luckily, there are some great ideas online for small Christmas gifts for your children's friends. 

When researching kids' friend's gifts, some thoughtful options pop up such as matching necklaces and bracelets. Going with matching best friends t-shirts is always a super cute option too. 

Kids love to play with and exchange Pokemon cards. They're pretty inexpensive. So buying a few packs for your little one to hand out could be a fun idea. But one of the best (and cheapest) ideas is to have your child hand out some delicious Christmas candy. No kid is going to be disappointed by that!