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15 Best Tree Swings for Kids and Adults

You don’t need a swing set to be able to enjoy the best tree swings. There are tons of swing options that can easily and safely be attached to a tree instead, making outdoor swinging possible for anyone. Whether you’re looking for a single swing, a hammock style, or a big saucer that can fit multiple kids or adults, there are a lot of great options.

So when you’re not busy enjoying your awesome water trampoline in the summer, make sure there’s a tree swing or hammock swing nearby that can be enjoyed instead. You could also consider setting up a kids zip line in your backyard too!

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Kids go absolutely crazy for these tree swings. Not only are tree swings a great way to encourage outdoor play through the spring and summer months, but they're something your kids can do in your own backyard without having to drag them to a public park - a huge win. 

The best part is with most of these swings, you can get in on the fun too as they're designed to be used by both kids and adults and have max weight allowances up to 700 lbs. It's really fun to get in on the action with your kids and swing at the same time as them. 

Compared to some other cool gifts you can buy for your kids, these aren't priced too terribly. The average price is moderate and won't break the bank for something that your kids will be super impressed with. 

If you're a parent who hates the assembly of toys, you'll be pleased to find out that most tree swings are actually quite easy to assemble and come with all of the hardware you need.  Do you still feel overwhelmed by the idea? This article from Today's Homeowner has some great advice on how to safely attach your tree swing.