LeBron James Workout: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lebron James workout routine

Lebron James is an all-around NBA star and gifted athlete, and he dominates the news whether people are buzzing about his shoes or his new contract. But how does he get in shape and stay so strong, quick, and explosive? Find out how LeBron works out – and try this exercise routine that will give you a superstar workout.

In an interview with the Shortlist, LeBron talked about his all-around healthy lifestyle: he always stretches to protect his back; he eats healthy and doesn’t fill up on junk like McDonald’s; and he’s serious about hydrating with water.

1. Full LeBron James Workout

The full one-hour long workout above is a grueling routine sponsored by Powerade. Please don’t try it unless you exercise regularly!

You’ll Need: Jump rope, exercise bands, basketball and hoop, yoga mat.

What You’ll Be Doing: Core conditioning, explosive power work, bodyweight strength training, balance training, cardio, and flexibility.

Exercises You’ll Be Doing: Jump rope drills and exercises, squats, strength and muscle training with bands, free shots, other basketball shots, stretches.

2. Lebron James Does Yoga

yoga weight loss

Lebron often talks about his stretching regimen and how he uses yoga to protect his back and prevent injury. He has done yoga for years and credits the practice for his endurance and focus.

3. He Sometimes Breaks a Sweat By Carrying Huge Objects

Lebron showed off this exercise on Instagram, on a day he was working out with Miami trainer David Alexander. He had to walk and run carrying the tire, which is similar to some of the heavy lifting they do in CrossFit workouts.

4. He Mixes it Up with Boxing, Core Work, and Biking

Lebron is known as a hard worker, and he keeps up his fitness on the off season with different types of strength training, cardio, and functional fitness. In these photos by his off-season trainer David Alexander, he shows off his side planks and core work.

Alexander wrote: “Followed up a little boxing with some Core today! Cable rotations with side planks!”

5. He Sometimes Works Out on the Vibrating Power Plate

lebron power plate

According to Men’s Health, Lebron sometimes does strength training like squats on the Power Plate. The vibration is supposed to activate muscles and give greater performance.