Coravin Pivot+ Wine Preservation System: Everything You Need To Know



Calling all wine enthusiasts! Have we got a cool new product for you. Coravin, the maker of the most innovative and advanced wine preservation systems on the market today, has released a brand new model: the Coravin Pivot+.

An extension of the Coravin Pivot series, the Pivot+ blends together preservation with aeration for a wine-drinking experience unlike anything else. Boasting a unique design that preserves a bottle of wine for up to a month, and offering a superior aerating process that replicates 90 minutes of decanting with every pour, this model is a unique twist on Coravin’s trademark products.

We’ve been testing out the Pivot+ for a month, experimenting with red and white wines, and utilizing both the traditional pouring feature and aerator attachment, and we have to say: it definitely lives up to the hype. For all the details on this must-have bar accessory and excellent gift idea, keep reading.

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About Coravin

Coravin Pivot Wine Preservation


Founded in 2013 by Greg Lambrecht – an MIT graduate with a degree in nuclear engineering, a career in medical technologies, and a serious passion for good wine – Coravin is famous for its innovative approach to the wine preservation process. While wine preservers aren’t new, Coravin’s designs are incredibly special.

Most of Coravin’s wine preservation systems feature surgery-grade hollow needles that pass directly through the cork of the bottle. That’s right: no pulling of the cork necessary to drink your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon. Argon gas capsules then work to pressurize the wine to keep it fresh for an extended period of time. Simply insert the needle, tip the bottle, and pour. When done, remove the device from the bottle, and the cork automatically reseals itself.

Why is this approach so important? Simple: oxygen.

When bottles of wine are opened, the oxidation process begins almost immediately. What’s oxidation? Without getting too scientific, it’s a chemical reaction that changes the color and taste of the wine. By not removing the cork, the wine can stay fresh for months and even years – seriously.

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The Coravin Pivot+ Wine Preservation & Aeration System

Coravin Pivot+


As much as we love Coravin’s traditional wine preservation systems, they are expensive. With models ranging anywhere from $200 to $500, Coravin’s products might seem a little too luxurious to many wine drinkers. The Coravin Pivot+ changes that. Ringing in at $129, this new system is definitely more budget-friendly and accessible. The original Coravin Pivot is even more affordable, costing just $99.

The lower price comes with a bit of a catch, though. Well, less of a catch and more of a difference in design and functionality.

Here’s the deal: the Coravin Pivot and Pivot+ do not feature Coravin’s signature surgery-grade hollow needles. We know – those needles make Coravin, Coravin. Well, think again. Coravin’s mission is to create products that enhance the overall wine-drinking experience – cork or no cork. Per Christopher Ladd, Coravin’s chief executive officer, “(the Pivot series) expands on that mission…and introduces Coravin to a broader wine enthusiast audience…”

How Does The Coravin Pivot+ Work?

The Coravin Pivot+ is incredibly easy to use.

Simply remove the cork or screwcap from the bottle and insert the universal-fit Pivot Stopper. You want to do this pretty quickly – remember, the less time the wine is exposed to oxygen the better. When you’re ready to pour a glass of wine, simply insert the Coravin Pivot through the Stopper, tip the bottle, and push the button. Argon gas is released into the bottle as you’re pouring to prevent further oxidation.

When done pouring, remove the device and close the stopper. Be sure to leave the stopper in the bottle as its unique design keeps the wine fresh for up to a month.

Here’s the added bonus with the Pivot+ package: the included aerator attachment. Sold exclusively with this model, this attachment actually aerates the wine while you’re pouring it. The result? A perfectly delicious and completely silky smooth glass of wine that smells and tastes like it’s been decanted for 90 minutes. No joke.

Our Review

As mentioned above, we’ve been using the Coravin Pivot+ for a month, making sure to sample a glass of wine from the same bottle every week. Honestly? The wine was as delicious and fresh in week four as it was in week one.

The Pivot Stopper does an excellent job of protecting the wine from the oxidation process, and with its universal-fit design, you can actually use this Coravin model in all bottle types – cork and screwcap.

And, the Pivot Aerator? Well, the aerator might the best part of the Pivot+ package. Any bite the wine had was completely gone after using this attachment, and the delicious difference in silky smoothness was significant. Full disclosure: we’ve actually used the term “game-changer” when describing it to our friends and family. Sure, the Pivot+ package is slightly more expensive than the original Coravin Pivot, but it’s completely worth it for the aerator.

While this model might lack some of the coolness and uniqueness other Coravin devices have, the Coravin Pivot+ is an excellent accessory for wine drinkers. Its design, affordability, and delicious results are tough to beat. We can’t recommend it enough.

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Coravin Pivot Series Packages

Coravin Pivot+ Package ($129)
The Coravin Pivot – available in black
(1) Pivot Aerator
(2) Pivot Stoppers
(2) Argon Gas Capsules – 15 x 5oz pours per capsule

Coravin Pivot Package ($99)
The Coravin Pivot available in four colors
(2) Pivot Stoppers
(1) Argon Gas Capsule – 15 x 5oz pours per capsule

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