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85 Best Gifts For Chefs: The Ultimate List

Shopping for chefs and serious home cooks can be tough. If they’re passionate about food and making things from scratch, chances are they already have a collection of cool kitchen gadgets and tools. But, have no fear, we’ve got you covered with a list of wow-worthy gifts for chefs we know they’ll love.

This list has it all: all the best and most iconic brands, incredible cutlery, the best outdoor pizza ovens, the best cookware on the market today, and a variety of award-winning cookbooks, popular cooks’ tools, and out-of-the-box finds. There’s something on here for all kinds of chefs: professionals, home-based culinary artists, pitmasters, and self-professed “foodies.” For all the latest and greatest chef gifts, read on.

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Gifts For Chefs Who Have Everything

Professional chefs, home cooks, foodies - they're all the same. They all love cool kitchen gadgets, experimenting with flavors, and trying unique cooking processes. So, if you're shopping for someone with an affinity for food, there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to gift ideas.

That said, what do you do for the chefs who have everything? It's a valid question. A lot of professional chefs and serious home cooks have kitchens stocked with all kinds of tools, utensils, and unique appliances - guilty! 

Here's the thing, this is a great opportunity to "wow" them. They might have a blender, but do they have a Vitamix? They might have a pizza stone, but do they have a pizza oven? Is their cookware aging? Are their knives dull? Just because they already have something doesn't mean they couldn't use an upgrade. 

But, if you're still stuck on what gifts for chefs to buy, we've got some ideas that are sure to impress:

Make It DIY - chefs love a good DIY project, so think about treating them to a kit or tool required for whatever you have in mind. Sushi, pizza, bread, pasta, tortillas, and homemade cheese, are all great DIY projects to take on. Buying gifts for chefs that require them to get hands-on are completely fun and wow-worthy in our book.

Specialty Tools - our list of the best gifts for chefs features all kinds of specialty tools needed for a variety of dishes. Our personal favorites are designed for specific meals: tagine, paella, and pasta. Unique and fun - they'll love it.

Cookbooks - We've never met a chef who didn't love receiving cookbooks. We've included a couple of incredible ones on our list, but there are countless books on the market that are sure to inspire and motivate all kinds of delicious meals in the kitchen. Peace Meals is another one of our personal favorites.

Unique Finds - our list of the best gifts for chefs features iconic brands that professional chefs and serious home cooks love to use, but if you want to go with something a little more out there, check out our list of the best kitchen gadgets under $30. There are tons of cool finds at great prices, including a watermelon keg, ladles and colanders in the shape of the loch ness monster, and more fun and useful tools.

Gift Ideas For Someone Who Likes To Cook

Whether you're shopping for a seasoned pro, a serious home cook, a foodie, or just someone who's starting out in the kitchen, our list of the best gifts for chefs features something for everyone. We'd actually recommend all of these products and brands to cooks at all levels. In fact, kitchen gadgets of all kinds are great to keep on the radar as your perusing for the perfect gifts this year.

As we're all spending a lot more time at home, cooking has become a new hobby for many. And, here's the cool thing about doing it yourself: studies actually show that people who cook, and those who cook for others, are happier and healthier - both physically and mentally. So, while Apple Watches and FitBit's are great at tracking your steps, heartbeat, and vitals, cooking-themed gifts play an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, too.

We'll be updating this list, so be sure to check back for more gifts for chefs and cool kitchen gadgets in the coming days!