11 Best Gold Lockets: The Ultimate List

Lockets are a centuries-old jewelry tradition – a pendant or amulet in which you can keep a tiny memento or photo of someone you love. Hundreds of years ago, lockets often contained locks of hair, tiny hand-painted portraits, and even bits of cloth soaked in perfume to combat the ripe aromas of passersby on the streets. As time passed, lockets gave way to more traditional photo inserts.

A gold locket is still prized today, often carrying serious sentiment for the wearer. They’ve even spawned a whole new genre of cremation jewelry, in which one carries a tiny vial of ashes from a loved one or even a pet.

Today’s lockets are creative, beautiful, and more affordable than ever, so if you’re looking to give someone a special reminder of you, you’ll find the perfect fit among this list of the best gold lockets.

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If you're shopping for genuine antique lockets, expect to pay a hefty price, as they are often adorned with gemstones and pearls. If you find one at an antique fair, you might be lucky enough to score one of those amazing tiny paintings inside, often commissioned from the most highly renowned artists of the day.

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