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5 Best Grow Cabinets for Marijuana: Compare, Buy & Save

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One of the things that cannabis growers often struggle with is providing a uniform environment for their plants to grow in. Choosing the area you want to grow in is essential to the success of your grow op. Grow cabinets provide a stable environment for your plants, and come ready to go right out of the box.

The great thing about grow cabinets is that they are discreet, lockable and extremely durable. I’ve chosen the best grow cabinets on the market today in the list below. My personal favorite is in the #1 spot, with the rest of the list organized by price.

cloudponics grobox Amazon Customer Reviews
  • App supported with automation and reminders
  • Deep Water Culture hydroponics design
  • Sleek modern design
Price: $2,690.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Grobo One Automated Grow Box Amazon Customer Reviews
  • App support
  • Attractive and modern design
  • Steel locking mechanism
Price: $2,199.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
supercloset grow cabinet Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Lockable and compact for discretion
  • Includes all needed growing equipment
  • Fast and easy set up
Price: $1,399.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
dealzer growzilla grow cabinet Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Two large sizes to choose from: 4' or 5'
  • Comes with all necessary equipment
  • Adjustable height LED lights
Price: $1,399.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
grandmas secret garden grow cabinet dealzer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • High quality MarsHydro LED lights
  • Deep Water Culture hydroponics design
  • Smaller size is very discreet
Price: $784.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Cloudponics GroBox

    • Fully automated and app supported with automation and reminders for lighting, nutrients and more
    • Attractive wooden design
    • Large size for more space to grow
    • Very expensive
    • Large footprint may not work in all rooms
    • App may not have every strain in it

    The Cloudponics GroBox is the top of the line when it comes to growing cannabis. This is a professional grade product that includes all of the equipment needed to grow cannabis easily and without hassle. This system is fully automatic. It has its own GroApp that tracks nutrients, lighting, pH levels, temperature and more. It even sends you reminders when it is time to refill your nutrient solution. With this system you can grow 10 oz of herb in just three months.

    The GroBox is also attractive enough to display out in the open like a normal piece of furniture, and with the included carbon filter and fan you don’t have to worry about odors escaping. The GrowBox also comes with a one year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

  2. 2. Grobo One Automated Grow Box

    • Log in to the app for custom lighting, watering, and nutrient schedules
    • Includes sensors for pH and humidity
    • Comes set up and ready to go
    • More expensive than other grow cabinets
    • Product description does not say whether cannabis is in the app
    • New product with not a lot of reviews yet

    The Grobo grow box is a stealth, all-inclusive grow cabinet that has all of the features you need, along with a modern and attractive design. This is a grow cabinet that you can display right out in the open like any other piece of furniture, instead of hidiing it out of sight. Grobo is easy to use, with sensors, carbon filter for odors, built in LED lights, custom nutrient and pH adjustment, and coco pod growng medium. It has a secure steel security lock to ensure that your plants stay private. You can even chose your plants in the Grobo app to use their customized recipes for lighting, nutrient and watering schedules.

    Dimensions:  4 feet tall, 14″ deep and 14″ wide 

  3. 3. Supercloset Superbox

    • Quick and easy set up
    • Secure and discreet, fits in any room in your house
    • Smaller footprint than other systems
    • Comes with everything you need to get started growing right away
    • The lighting included is only red spectrum
    • Some reviewers claim the box seems cheaply made
    • Some reviewers had their kit arrive with broken light bulbs

    This compact system from Supercloset is a great option if you want top of the line quality with a much smaller footprint. This grow box is made of 16 gauge steel and is fully lockable and fireproof. You can fit it in any room, closet or corner in your house without anyone ever knowing what is inside.

    You can grow up to 10 cannabis plants in this system using the included red spectrum 200 watt fluorescent light. The lights are in a standard socket, so if you choose to change to another type of CFL or HID light it is super easy.

    This kit comes included with everything you need to get started, including fans, filters, nutrients, TDS meter, rockwool cubes and hydroton rocks. You can get this system set up and growing within 90 minutes of receiving your package.

    Dimensions: 30″ x 18″ x 24″

  4. 4. Dealzer Growzilla 3.0

    • Extra tall grow chamber
    • Can produce 9lbs per year
    • Comes in two sizes
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Some growers consider deep water culture an inferior hydroponics system
    • May be too big for some homes
    • Large size means it is more difficult to filter odors

    The Growzilla is Dealzer’s most advanced, and largest, grow cabinet. This super sized cabinet looks like two cabinets stacked on top of each other, but inside it is one tall growing chamber. This grow box is great for beginners or even experienced growers who want to have a larger crop than average sized grow cabinets can provide.

    It comes in two sizes, Standard which is 48″ tall or Deluxe which is 68″ tall. The hydroponics system used is deep water culture, making it very easy to use and maintain. The powerful LED light included is on a yo-yo system so that you can easily adjust the height to bring it closer to your plants and then taller as your plants mature. Also included is infared blocking technology reflective film for greater canopy penetration, water pump and air stone, hydroponic nutrients, and lockable latches on the door. This grow cabinet is able to grow a full nine pounds of dried bud per year. This grow box also comes with a lifetime warranty through Dealzer.

    Dimensions: 40″ x 20″ x 16.5″ or 68″ x 20″ x 16.5″

  5. 5. Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden

    • Compact and secure but still large enough for 9 plants
    • Comes with fan, filter and lighting
    • Lifetime tech support included
    • Does not come with rockwool, grow pots, etc. that are needed to grow cannabis
    • Reviewers mentioned that the fan is loud
    • Charcoal filter does not eliminate odor 100%

    Grandma’s Secret Garden by Dealzer is a fully automated hydroponic grow system with room enough for nine plants. You can easily grow high yields of cannabis in this compact grow box, which is around the same size as a mini fridge and could fit into similar areas of your home or office.

    The system utilizes a Deep Water Culter hydroponics design and comes with Mars Hydro LED lights, which are suitable for all stages of plant development. It also includes an air pup and stone, net pots and all of the other supplies needed to get set up right away and start growing. The lighting system can be raised and lowered inside the secure box as your plants grow.

    This system also comes with an air pump and bubbler for your reservoir, and an inline fan with carbon filter. In order to maintain secrecy, this system uses top of the line reflective sheeting, air filters to prevent odors, and a built in timer. As with all Dealer products, there is a limited lifetime warranty and this system is made by hand in the USA.

    Dimensions: 36″ x 20″ x 16.5″

Wondering Where To Grow? Enclosed spaces with good ventilation are perfect for home grow ops, such as closets, spare rooms, garages, etc. You can purchase all of your equipment separately for a custom operation, or can even find ready-made hydroponic growing systems with everything you need to set up your grow op in less than a day.

If you cannot dedicate a closed space, you might suffer in yield or quality when it comes time to harvest because you were not able to keep the environment consistent. Grow tents are a popular option for solving this problem. They are easy to set up and take down and are lightweight, so they can be moved to a new location quickly and easily.

Why Choose Grow Boxes? If you are looking for an even more professional and discreet option, grow cabinets are the way to go. Grow cabinets are a sealed box that allows complete customization of the environment inside. This allows you to meet the specific needs of your particular cannabis strains throughout their entire growing cycle.

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