7 Dead in ‘Domestic Terrorism’ at Milwaukee Sikh Temple

• The L.A. Times reports that the gunman’s tattoos and “certain biographical details” led the FBI to label the shooting as terrorism.
• NBC reports that the gunman served in the Army and had white supremacist views.
• New York Times reports that the ATF described the killer as a 40-year-old white male.
• The shooter had recently broken up with his girlfriend.

In an incident authorities are describing as domestic terrorism, six victims plus a gunman were killed today in a massacre at a Sikh temple in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

A witness told CNN that the victims were mostly “turbaned individuals .. . the equivalent of priests, the holy leaders of our temple. … Most of the people shot or killed were all turbaned males.”

Cops arrived and killed the gunman, who attacked the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in the suburb of Oak Creek as several temple members were gathered to worship.

In addition to seven dead, three people were critically wounded including one police officer.

LA Times reports:

Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards said that two officers responded to the initial 911 call and that one of them was “ambushed” while checking on a victim and was shot several times. The gunman then shot at the other officer, who returned fire and killed the shooter, Edwards said.