And Here’s the Carmelo Anthony Getting Hit in the Nuts Gif

Melo Scream

In today’s Team USA-Argentina matchup the dastardly Argentinians declared war on Carmelo Anthony’s nuts. Here’s the gif (by way of SBnation) of the vicious assault on Melo’s groinage. As any Knicks fan will tell you, that groin is very tender and prone to injury so this was a scary moment for us all. We must now join together nationally and hope that Lala has learned some amazing healing powers since the season’s end.

Carmelo Anthony Hit in the Nuts

Thankfully our heroes rallied around the Melo one’s damaged sack and fought their way to a 126-97 victory. Those scurrillous villains of Argentina also had to face the wrath of RUSSELL WESTBROOK:

Westbrook Olympic Dunk

Surely this superstitious and cowardly lot of Argentinians scooted away in fear with their tails between their legs when faced with the might of such a hellacious dunk.

And this is why basketball is the best sport ever.

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