Cops Shoot 9 Bystanders While Killing a Killer—Epic Fail or Heroism w/ an Asterisk?

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The NYPD today officially admitted that all nine bystanders wounded in Friday’s Empire State Building shooting were hit by stray bullets from the guns of police officers.

To recap, here’s a quick by-the-numbers.

1: Victim dead. Killed by the murderer. (Bad.)
1: Murderer dead. Killed by police. (Awesome.)
9: Innocent bystanders wounded. Wounded by police bullets. (WTF?)

The video (above) corroborates the cops’ earlier insistance that the gunman did draw on the cops before they killed him. (It also shows the officer looking in the wrong direction before he realized whom to kill.)

The only victim wounded by the perp, Jeffrey Johnson (who was laid off from a job designing women’s accessories, which is only not funny because this was a murder), was his ex-coworker, Steve Ercolino. Everyone else wounded in the “mass shooting” was wounded as a result of cops aiming to kill Johnson.

Neither cop involved had previously fired his weapon in the line of duty. NYPD said Officer Robert Sinishtaj shot nine times while Officer Craig Matthews shot seven times in the incident.

There was intense confusion, and these guys have one of the hardest jobs in the world. But this is an epic fail any way you slice it. Or was it? Cops took out the perp, and the perp didn’t go off like James Holmes. They didn’t know whether he intended to kill multiple victims. And they made sure he didn’t kill anyone else.

So do the cops deserve a bad rap at all? Take this poll and help us sort out how we feel about all this.

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