Kill Yourself: Tumblr Tween ‘Holmies’ Pay Homage To Murderer

Kids these days….

The latest fringe group to find a bizarre audience on Tumblr are the self-described “Holmies” who are “obsessed” with Aurora killer James Holmes. Mostly made up of sh**ty fan-art and half-assed Photoshop jobs, Tumblrs like FreeHolmes are cropping up on the blogging platform. It’s easy to see that this kind of thing is an outlet to let sexually frustrated Hot Topic mall goth tweens be “edgy” and “alternative” in their hormone-driven fantasies, when Bieber just isn’t enough of a psychotic lunatic to get you going.

Here’s a taste of what kids are spending their time doing. Can’t we just watch Pokémon? What happened to doing that? Is the world really so sh**ty now that you can find a huge audience who loves James Holmes? Ugh.

Oh my god you were able to color overlay an image 4 times, you’re the next Andy Warhol! Congratulations on completely wasting half an hour of your life that you will never get back.

What does this even mean? King of what? King of the local Hot Topic? Great, you added a filter and some swirling text. I’m glad you’re paying attention in your Photoshop class at least. Why don’t you photoshop Shaq’s head onto other people’s bodies like a normal person with rudimentary Photoshop skills?

I don’t get it. Via the Tumblr blog Here’sYourSlurpeeMachineJames

Did James Holmes get a giant, malignant tumor since we last saw him? Oh, no? Oh, you just suck at drawing, okay. By some artist on DeviantArt (figures) Blogged by this Hot Topic Tween

The best thing to come out of this whole “Holmies” thing is that these idiot teenagers are sending him all of their chicken-scratch drawings. Holmes is going to open each letter and be completely let down by how untalented all his “Holmies” are a million times over, thus increasing his torture and making his life just that much worse.

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