Bites Are For Amateurs – Dog Shoots Off Owner’s Hand

A French hunter, known only as Rene, recently had to have his hand amputated after his dog accidentally shot it off while on a hunting trip.

Blue Gascony basset hound - the "lone gunman"

Renee, 55, was out hunting at St Michel de Double in the southwestern Dordogne region of France with his three blue Gascony basset hounds when one of them decided that it wanted to “cuddle”. Jumping on its master the dog’s foot caught the hunting shotgun’s trigger and severely mangled his right hand.

Being rushed to a hospital in Bordeaux his hand was later amputated due to the damage, but even so the hunter says he does not blame the dog for the incident. In fact, his exact quote according to Sky News was “…He’s adorable! I should have left the (gun’s) safety on, that’s all.”

Regardless, ouch…