Houston Cop Shoots, Kills Double Amputee Who Was Armed with a Pen

Houston, Police, Double Amputee, Shooting

A Houston policeman shot and killed a double amputee who threatened him and others with a metal object that ended up being a pen Saturday.

The one-armed and one-legged man cornered the policeman into a corner and made threats while trying to stab him with his pen. The officer didn’t know what the man was waving, a police department spokesman said. Further, she said the man came within inches of the police officer, and ended up getting shot.

The amputee was living in a group home, and police were called there when a caretaker reported he was causing a disturbance. John Garcia, who owns the home, told the Houston Chronicle the man had a history of mental illness and had lived there for 18 months. He said the man told him he lost his limbs when he was hit by a train.

The police officer, Matthew Jacob Marin, has been on the department for five years, and is on three-day administrative leave, standard procedure when an officer shoots a suspect.

Marin also fatally shot another suspect in 2009 after coming up on the man stabbing his neighbor to death. That time, he opened fire when the suspect wouldn’t drop his knife.

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