Condom Maker Falsely Claims to be in Town of Condom Near F**k River

condom company fined Condom France

There’s a town in France called Condom.

And it’s right next to a river called Baise, which is French for “f**k.”

But wait, there’s more.

A condom company that falsely claims to be from this town of Condom-on-F**k is getting fined a whopping $12,600.

The Original Condom Company is actually based in some town that isn’t named after dick wraps and isn’t located next to F**k River (in fact, the company isn’t even French; it’s in Malaysia), but its ad wizards had no trouble living a lie.

Condom Mayor Bernard Gallardo said he’s fine with milking tourist dollars from his town’s prophylactic moniker, but he draws the line at letting some Malaysian outfit falsely capitalize on it, he told Reuters:

We’re not going to hide our heads in the sand, we won’t prevent people from making a link with the name. But retreating into such notoriety can only compromise the tourism qualities of the town,” Gallardo told Reuters, citing its gastronomy and old mansions.

Dude, you can serve us foie gras in a ballroom all day long, but your town is always gonna be Rubber-on-F**k to us.

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