Stink Bomb: Terrorist Didn’t Change Explosive Underwear for Three Weeks

underwear bomber, terrorist, FBI

Good thing the underwear bomber’s mom didn’t tell him to always wear clean skivvies!

Seems nobody told Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab that you should change your underwear every now and then — but he probably had more than a bomb in his pants. FBI agents who got his confession about the Christmas Day 2009 bungled plane bombing attempt said he’d been wearing his lucky underwear for at least three weeks.

Underwear bomber, terrorist, underwear bomb
Three weeks…with a bomb near his junk. It’s a wonder the smell alone didn’t set off the explosive party in this guy’s pants.

And the FBI thinks that the bomb didn’t go off because he’d worn his nasty pants for far too long.

FBI Agent Ted Peissig and fellow agent Mike Connelly, told WXYZ-TV Abdulmutallab wore the booby-trapped underwear for three weeks to get used to them, only taking the underwear off when he took showers. At least he showered, right?

Connelly though, noted Abdulmutallab was completely focused on his mission. But really, how focused do you have to be that you don’t change your underwear?

Luckily, the explosives didn’t blow up on the flight, which was carrying 300 passengers. But the wannabe terrorist’s pants caught on fire and his groin was badly burned, as if wearing the same underwear for three weeks wouldn’t have left it feeling like it was burning, anyway.

The agents said Abdulmutallab talked freely to them and his wish to be a martyr for the Islamic faith. He admitted traveling in 2009 just months before the attack to Yemen to visit Anwar al-Awlaki, one of the best-known al-Qaeda figures before a U.S. drone took out him and his bombmaker last year.

Abdulmutallab is spending the rest of his life in prison, where we imagine he gets to change his underwear sometimes.