Boy-Raping Teacher: I Would’ve Raped More if Hubby Didn’t Catch Me

Although some high school boys may dream about banging their teacher, it’s not so hot when their wish comes true.

Michelle McCutchan of Eufaula, Oklahoma, was just convicted of raping two 16-year-old male students of hers and faces 15 years in prison, unable to even file for parole until at least 13 years are served.

Accused of a combined nine counts of second-degree rape, giving alcohol to minors, child porn and child neglect, 38-year-old McCutchan was suspended from her duties as a teacher in May as the investigation was under way.

During her trial McCutchan pleaded for mercy from the court, citing her own experiences of being abused beteween the ages of 12 and 15 as her reason for conducting the abuse. The please fell on the judge’s deaf ears, though — especially when she admitted that if her husband didn’t catch her she probably would have continued to do it to even more students.

The 13-year minimum sentence without parole is the result of Oklahoma’s “85 percent” rule, meaning that at least 85 percent of all sentenced time for these crimes must be served before any consideration for early release is made.