NY to Get World’s Largest Ferris Wheel: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Staten Island will soon be home to the world’s largest ferris wheel, surpassing Singapore’s current record-holder, the Singapore Flyer:

World's biggest ferris wheel in SingaporeThe world's largest ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer, made its first spin this week. Select passengers get a bird's eye view of the city and as far as parts of neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia. Let's take a look. STORY: The first lucky customers got to take a ride in the huge capsules, with hundreds more queuing all week to get a chance at seeing Singapore from above. Although the giant wheel's grand opening will be on April 15, it held a Valentine's Day special for couples seeking a romantic view and a singles' mingling session. Passengers who were lucky enough to enjoy one of the first rides on Wednesday say the experience was well worth it. [British Tourist, Wheel Rider]: "It was brilliant. It was… we got scared at one point because it didn't seem to be moving, but then we realized that we were going vertically up for a short time and then it was OK again." The opening rides set passengers back thousands of dollars to rent out a capsule. [Singaporean, Wheel Rider]: "Oh, the experience was fantastic. Really good. Well worth a try." Standing at 165 meters high, the Singapore Flyer, which opens to the public in March, is 30 meters taller than the London Eye. The Singapore Flyer has 28 bus-sized capsules, each of which can hold 28 people.2008-02-18T02:09:56.000Z

The New York Wheel will stand at about 625 feet tall, ending the reign of the 541-foot Flyer. The huge wheel will tower over the Staten Island ferry terminal, with views across the bay to Manhattan. Gothamist reports that Mayor Bloomberg called the plan “a once-in-a-generation opportunity for economic development” and promised that it would be “an attraction unlike any other in New York City an unlike any other on the planet.”

Here’s what you should know:

1. The Ferris Wheel is Called “The New York Wheel”

2. It will Fill a Patch of Land in the St. George area of Staten Island

3. It’s Planned as Part of a Retail and Hotel Complex Along the Waterfront

4. It’s Larger Than the London Eye, the Planned Las Vegas Wheel High Roller, and the Singapore Flyer

5. It Will Rival Coney Island’s “Wonder Wheel”

6. Construction Will Begin Early 2014, with e Grand Opening at the End of 2015

7. It Will cCost $230 million

8. The Project Will Bring in $500 Million in Private Investment to the St. George Waterfront

9. NYC is Using Starneth, the Same Engineering Company That Built The London Eye

10. It’s Expected to Carry 4.5 Million Riders a Year