Kyemma Campbell

  • Adam Lanza Dreamed of Being a Marine: Mom Nancy Lanza Said No

    Adam Lanza dreamed of joining the Marines, but mom Nancy Lanza knew the military was no place for her troubled son.

  • Hip-hop Artist Fat Joe Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion

  • Cory Booker Won’t Challenge Chris Christie for NJ Guv, Will Seek Senate

  • Skydiver Left Dead for Days after No One Checks if He Landed Safely

  • Veteran ABC Newsman Sam Donaldson Arrested for DUI

  • WATCH: Russian Cows Tip Over in Truck, Spill into Street

    In Russia, a bunch of cows on top of a truck trip over on the road. And the cows get back up again as if nothing happened.

  • Study Finds No Clear Link between Ground Zero Dust and Cancer

  • Mom Crusades against Chuck Norris Cutout after Sandy Hook Massacre

  • Hero Music Teacher Maryrose Kristopik Saves 15 Kids in Sandy Hook Massacre

  • Nirvana & McCartney Reunion: Not Quite What We Were Hoping For

  • Royal Prank Station’s History of Disaster: Girl Reveals Rape On-Air [AUDIO]

    Australia's 2Day FM radio, of the Kate Middleton prank that preceded Jacintha Saldanha's suicide, lie-detected a teen into divulging her rape in 2009.

  • ‘Blood on Your Hands’: 20 Hate Tweets for Prank DJs Mel Greig & Michael Christian

  • Kids Sickened by Bob Marley ‘Mellow’ Drink Sold at Middle School

  • Chinese Wife Dutifully Breastfeeds Monkeys for Hubby’s Monkey Business

  • Mom High on PCP Cuts Off 2-Year-Old Son’s Head & Freezes It

  • Walmart Shoplifter Dead After Employees Put Him in ‘Chokehold’

  • 7-Year-Old Treated with Medical Marijuana; Her Dad is Furious

  • Life on Mars? New Mars Rover Curiosity Data ‘One for the History Books’

  • Anti-Gay Lawyer Busted for On-Camera Rape of Same-Sex Minor: FBI

  • Daredevil to Cross Atlantic in Boat Dangling from Helium Balloons — ‘Up’-Style

    Like the old man in "Up," JonathanTrappe has been dreaming of this since he was a kid.

  • Freakish Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova: Real or Phony?

  • Brazil Plans to Clone Endangered Species

  • Jill Kelley and Surgeon Husband Lose Millions on Real Estate

  • Hurricane Sandy: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

  • Senator’s Son Beaten Senseless by Dudes Stealing His Romney-Ryan Sign

    Sean Kedzie was thrashed by sign stealers in his own yard.

  • Schizophrenic ‘Prince of God’ Mass Murderer to be Executed Tonight

  • Cops Kill Naked Tripping Warlock in Burning Home after Bird Sacrifice

  • Beyonce & Jay-Z Lose Rights to Cash in on Daughter Blue Ivy’s Name

  • Lindsay Lohan’s New Indie Film ‘The Canyons’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

  • Flavor Flav Arrest Update: Wielded 2 Knives & Ripped Out Her Earrings

    Details of Flavor Flav's arrest paint him as violent and dangerous.