British Sculptor Creates Unnecessary Suburban Homes ‘Under The Sea’ (Photos)

British artist Jason deCaires Taylor, renowned for creating underwater sculptures, has worked with marine biologists to create the first ever series of underwater suburban homes.

But, don’t get your snorkels and goggles fitted just yet. These deep-sea homes are designed for marine organisms only.

Residing at the bottom of the Cancun and Isla Mujeres National Marine Park, these fish domiciles are been specifically fitted for a variety of bottom dwelling species to seek shelter from predators, which means that undersea carnivores will have to do more than just huff and puff to blow these houses down.

The waterborne casas have been designed with hidden spaces, hideaways, fitted entrances and specifically textured areas to attract and protect a variety of species, which is great for the little guys, but, what the hell are the natural predators of the sea going to eat now? Us?

An even more pressing question is how the hell can we get mail to these sea-dwellers’ mailboxes without the envelopes getting soggy? Fish need their paychecks too, dammit. I guess they didn’t think of everything.

Nonetheless, check out these photos of deCaires’ creations. They’re very cool, but honestly, completely unnecessary.