Colorado’s ‘Frozen Dead Guy’ Gets New Supplier

For those of you who are like me and aren’t familiar with the “Frozen Dead Guy Days” of Nederland, Colorado there is a famous resident that sits atop a hill in a Tuff shed there that is the toast of the town each year…and has been since he died in 1989 and has been frozen in dry ice in Colorado since 1993.

TOURS TO FROZEN DEAD GUYFILE VIDEO: In advance of Nederland's Frozen Dead Guy Days, tours to the man on ice – Bredo Morstoel, or Grandpa in the Tuff Shed are announced to begin again. Originally produced2010-02-18T21:48:16.000Z

“Grandpa” Bredo Morstoel died in Norway in 1989 but was a big fan of cryogenic preservation. With that in mind his body was shipped to Nederland, Colorado for cryogenic care in the early 90s and caregivers were paid by his family to replenish his dry ice supply once a month.

Until recently the “honor” of delivering roughly 1,600 pounds of dry ice on a monthly basis fell to a man by the name of Bo Shaffer who quit over payment disputes. Now a new caregiver has taken over: Jane Curtis Gazit, the local recycling, composting and trash collection lady.

Bredo Morstoel’s “Frozen Dead Guy Days” take place typically in early March where residents and tourists participate in fun activities that include coffin racing, ice turkey bowling, frozen salmon tossing and brain freeze contests.

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, I’d rather head down to New Orleans for my springtime fun…

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