Ghanaian King’s Luggage & Jewels Stolen at Norwegian Hotel

King Otumfuo Osei Tutu II of Ghana

Ghana’s king, King Otumfuo Osei Tutu II (yes, that’s his name), had his luggage, which contained valuable jewels, stolen from a Norwegian hotel. That sentence makes me ridiculously happy for no real reason, so I’m just going to bask in it for a little while.

Aaaaah …

Anyway, Ghana is a constitutional democracy with a president, but they also have a king. Essentially the king is the leader of the traditional Asante kingdom, which existed for centuries before Ghana ever existed. But he is a prominent figure in Ghana, weighing in on a variety of important issues.

The king hit up Oslo to attend the Norwegian African Business Association, which totally exists. While in the lobby of his hotel, the king’s luggage which contained “royal jewelry” was stolen by a man and woman who were caught on security cameras. Police are attempting to identify the couple and locate the jewelry.

This sounds like the plot of a quirky indie heist film. I can’t believe this is reality. This has to be some sort of viral marketing stunt for a movie destined to do very well at the Toronto International Film Festival.

(h/t CNN)

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