For $1,200 Women Can Be Guaranteed an Orgasm with ‘G-Shot’ Injection

Like Sasquatch, many refuse to believe that the elusive G-Spot actually exists. Finally though there is relief for couples who have trouble conceiving an orgasm.  The “G-Shot” injection pumps “filler” into the female G Spot, supposedly guaranteeing an orgasm for women.

It will cost you a mere $1,200 to get the job done. Referred as a type of collagen injection, the injection only temporarily increases the size of a woman’s G-spot to about the size of a British 10 pence coin. It’s the latest in the craze of “lunchtime” procedures, as it uses only local anesthetic and takes just 30 minutes to complete.

According to Gynecologist Dr David Matlock (pictured above), who works at the Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America (VRIA), the operation is a very positive thing, he told Fabulous Magazine:

I want to empower and educate, and for women to be in tune with themselves. Why is it so difficult to accept? Because it’s not something like your nose that you can point to that you can see or feel,

The “G-Shot” is now becoming available in England, as according to the VRIA, 2,000 women have undergone the operation since it launched in L.A. five years ago, with participants coming all corners of the world to partake. These are the “tools of the trade” used by Dr. Matlock and other physicians who offer the procedure.

In the UK, the private, BUPA Cromwell Hospital has become the clinic to offer the jab outside of the states, where the cost is again $1,200. According to the hospital, it has been “relatively popular.”

The Daily Mail recounts the testimony of Caroline Cushworth, an enthusiast of the procedure:

Caroline became the first British woman to have the ‘G-shot’, also known as the ‘orgasm jab’. And, as Caroline can testify, the results were tremendous. ‘I have quite literally never experienced anything quite like it,’ she says. ‘I had constant multiple orgasms, which went on for hours.
‘That first time, the whole thing was so intense I was actually a bit scared. I was so overcome, but thankfully the intensity is something I’ve got used to. I still have multiple orgasms every time I have sex, but they no longer leave me flat on my back.’

Whether this will be brought up in tonight’s presidential debate as another potential cost of Obamacare remains to be seen.