Michael ‘Creepshot’ Brutsch: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Michael Brutsch, Creepshow, teen photos

A Texas grandfather has been outed as the moderator of the “Creepshot” forum on Reddit, where users post sexual photographs of unsuspecting teenaged girls.

Michael Brutsch, a computer programmer in Arlington, Texas, says he has no regrets after using the Reddit name “Violentacrez” and moderating the forum, which has sparked outrage for encouraging vile photos. Brutsch has earned the dubious honor of being the “biggest troll on the web.”

But he refuses to apologize for his Internet trolling, and in fact seems to take pride in being one of Reddit’s driving forces.

1. He Lives a Normal Private Life
Michael Brutsch, Creepshow, Reddit, Internet troll

Brutsch lives in Texas with his wife, a son, two dogs and seven cats. He’s also got a granddaughter and a son in the Marines. He reportedly invoked his wife’s name while pleading with a Gawker reporter to not reveal his identity.

My wife is disabled. I got a home and a mortgage, and if this hits the fan, I believe this will affect negatively on my employment. I do my job, go home watch TV, and go on the internet. I just like riling people up in my spare time.’

2. He’s One of Reddit’s Driving Forces

Some of his Reddit forums have driven the site’s traffic, including groups with such sicko names as “Rapebait,” “Incest” and “Misogny,” and many of the photos feature underaged girls.

I would stand by exactly what I’ve done.

3. He Was Targeted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper
Michael Brutsch, Creepshow, Reddit, Internet troll, Anderson Cooper

Brutsch was reportedly behind the Reddit trend “Jailbait,” in which users submitted sexualised images of scantily-clad underage girls and deleted photos of girls older than 16. It generated millions of page views each month but also sparked outrage and was pulled after Anderson Cooper slammed Reddit publicly for hosting it.

4. He Insists He Isn’t a Pedophile
Michael Brutsch, Creepshow, Reddit, Internet troll

Brutsch says that despite all the photos of young lovelies, he’s not a pedophile and removes any child porn that’s posted. He says he’s merely maintaining free speech.

5. Reddit is a Family Affair for the Brutschs
Michael Brutsch, Creepshow, Reddit, Internet troll
He told Gawker that, he and his wife lie in bed together with their laptops and both on Reddit. While he’s posting porn, she’s posting cute animal videos. Aaah, those wacky married couples!

6. Reddit Supports His Activities
Michael Brutsch, Creepshow, Reddit, Internet troll
Reddit officials, being the click whores they are, were grateful for Brutsch’s “work.” He says he was close with the employees, who gave him a “pimp hat” (although probably nowhere as awesome as this one) to thank him for his contributions for the site, which gets about 3 million hits a month – many generated through his trolling.

7. Reddit Warned Him “Jailbait” Was Coming Down
Michael Brutsch, Creepshow, Reddit, Internet troll

Reddit General Manager Erik Martin contacted Brutsch directly to warn him Jailbait was about to be closed, writing:

Want to give you a heads up. We’re making a policy change regarding jailbait type content. Don’t really have a choice.

8. He Was a Volunteer Reddit Moderator
Michael Brutsch, Creepshow, Reddit, Internet troll

Reddit trusted Brutsch to moderate what would appear across the website, even though his own postings were borderline illegal and garnered controversy. Ah well, anything for clicks, right?

9. Creepshots Now Attracts All Kinds of Weirdos
Michael Brutsch, Creepshow, Reddit, Internet troll
One prolific poster is a teacher who posts images of his female teen students. The teacher, who calls himself “Weagleweaglewde” posts several “upskirt” images of girls in classrooms and claims he’s a teacher at a high school.

10. He Made it Okay to be Creepy

Feeling creepy and have a camera? Go ahead and take that ass shot. Users offer all kinds of tips through the site to tell you what to do.

Don’t be nervous If you are, you’ll stand out. Don’t hover too much, get your shot and move on if you can. You’ll look less like a creep if you have photos of things other than just hot chicks’ a**es.

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