‘Sex Addict’ Police Chief Shelved as Cop Lover Wraps Lips Around Gloc & Tweets Pic

Angelica Robinson

Chief Ralph Godbee sex scandal

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee is suspended after the lady cop he was allegedly banging tweeted a photo of herself with a gun in her mouth.

Angelica Robinson’s troubling yet erotic Twit pic blew the lid off their alleged torrid affair, and she’s now calling the chief a “sex addict.”

The 37-year-old woman apparently made the desperate attention grab after finding out the chief was traveling at a cop conference with another female officer. The photo shows her lips wrapped around a gun, not just any gun but her department-issued 9mm Gloc, reports MyFoxDetroit.

Godbee saw the photo on Saturday and ordered some other cops to surveil her, allegedly triangulating her phone to locate her and going out of their district to find her.

All of this raises all kinds of questions of impropriety and has landed the chief, who’s also married (though filing for divorce) and a minister (of course), on a 30-day leave.

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