Celeb Lawyer Gloria Allred Reps Psychic Chick Punched by Lohan

gloria allred lindsay lohan Tiffany Eve Mitchell

In the latest stunt for shameless publicity whore Gloria Allred, the celebrity lawyer is representing Tiffany Eve Mitchell, the professional psychic who allegedly got cold-cocked by professional train wreck Lindsay Lohan.

RadarOnline confirmed the hire.

LiLo’s latest meltdown went down this week in a New York nightclub, and the child-star-turned-strung-out-skank followed it up with a bonus outburst when she was bailed out of the cop shop the next morning.

Now Allred is pulling an Allred — photo-bombing the spotlight. Seems her cheery face is popping up everywhere these days.

Allred slithered into the Petraeus affair scandal, repping the twin sister of the rival of Petraeus’ mistress.

And before the presidential election she attempted an “October surprise” — going to court to pexpose that Mitt Romney lied during his buddy’s divorce proceedings.

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