‘John Doe Duffel Bag’ Salvatore Perrone: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

John Doe Duffel Bag Salvatore Perrone

This is Salvatore Perrone, or as he’s been known in the last few days, “John Doe Duffel Bag.”

He’s the man who’s been sought by the NYPD for questioning in the killing of three Brooklyn store owners, the last occurring on Friday, November 16. The first was Mohamed Gebeli from Bay Ridge, shot to death in August; the second was Isaac Kadare from Bensonhurst, shot and stabbed to death, also in August; and the third was Rahmatollah Vahidipour in Flatbush, killed by gunshot last Friday.

Perrone, who turns 64 on Thanksgiving, was captured on surveillance footage carrying a duffel bag, and cops have been publicizing the image and offering rewards. Perrone turned himself in this week and was arrested and charged on Wednesday. Here’s what we know about him:

1. His Neighbors Hate Him
Perrone is a Staten Island native, though now he lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. His neighbors were not to fond of Salvatore. According to the Daily News, some who know him refer to him as “Son of Sal” — a reference to the 1977 serial killer Son of Sam. Perrone reportedly lives alone, does not take care of his home, and constantly calls city agencies to complain about his neighbors. One person who lives close by Perrone told the Daily News:

If he is the fellow and he is convicted we’ll throw a block party, he’s insane. But a serial killer? That’s a long stretch.”

2. He Works Selling Clothes from a Duffel Bag
Like the victims of the shootings, Perrone worked in selling clothes. But he did not have a store and worked door-to-door peddling items he carried around in his duffel bag.

3. A Rifle with the Caliber used in the Killings was Found in his Girlfriend’s Apartment

Cops found a .22 caliber sawed-off rifle in Perrone’s duffel bag, which was kept at his 60-year-old girlfriend’s apartment in Midwood, Brooklyn. The shell casings match those used in the shootings. The rifle had a flashlight attached with duct tape and rubber bands. Police say his prints were on the weapon.

4. Cops Found Knives and Pantyhose in his Duffel Bag

Along with the guns, police found a bloody kitchen knife, two 7-inch buck knives, a box of .22 ammunition, and empty magazine — and pantyhose.

5. Police are not Ruling out a Hate Crime Motive

Brooklyn store owner serial killings

From left, Isaac Kadare, Mohamed Gebeli and Rahmatollah Vahidipour.

All three of the victims in the murders are of Middle Eastern descent. Isaac Kadare was an Egyptian-Jew, Rahmatollah Vahidipour was an Iranian-Jew, and Mohamed Gebeli was an Egyptian-Muslim.

6. Kadare’s Widow says Perrone Was in the Store the Week Prior to the Murder

A man matching Perrone’s description was seen on surveillance footage in the Bensonhurst area on August 2, the day Isaac Kadare, 59, was murdered. Kadare’s widow has said that her sister recognizes the man as a customer who was in the store a week before the murder. “When my sister saw his picture, she said that could be the man that was acting strange,” she told the New York Post.

7. He Allegedly has Prior Arrests for Stalking and Harrasment
According to his News12 reporter’s tweet:

8. The FBI has Been Involved in the Investigation

FBI Headquarters in Quantico where the agency were helping NYPD with profiling the killer

The FBI has been working with the NYPD in the investigation, particularly in forming a profile of the killer. Both agencies have been in constant contact with each other during the course of Perrone’s questioning.

9. None of the Stores was Equipped with Video Cameras

The NYPD have been adamant that the killings of the three store owners were calculated. All of the stores in question did not contain video surveillance equipment. The killings all took place while the store owners were shutting up shop for the day.

10. The Killings are Eerily Similar to Those of Larme Price in 2003

Larme Price was convicted of a string of store owner murders in Brooklyn and Queens in 2003

Larme Price was a serial killer who targeted Middle-Eastern store owners in Brooklyn and Queens during 2003. He killed four men. Price said he was avenging the 9/11 attacks. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2004.

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