Killer Nanny Had ‘Epic’ Fight with Mom a Day Before Murders

yoselyn ortega nanny fight mom

The nanny charged with the bloody murder of two young children New York City’s posh Upper West Side had a massive argument with the kids’ mom the day before the carnage, according to a new report.

A source tells RadarOnline:

Yoselyn told NYPD detectives that she was involved in an epic argument with Marina Krim the day before the children were tragically murdered. Yoselyn also said that when she left at the end of the day before the murders, Marina ignored her when she said good-bye and this made her very, very angry. Yoselyn became extremely animated when she discussed the incident with law enforcement. Yoselyn also said she had numerous disagreements with Marina about how the kids were being cared for. Marina didn’t think Yoselyn was interacting with the kids enough and was giving them junk food when she was out of sight.

So the mom told you that you’re a sh*tty nanny. Which you were. Is that enough to make you murder someone’s children? Well, the did also make you do housework.

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