Man Arrested After Flashing Breast Implants

Not to be outdone by the country’s focus on the election, The Smoking Gun reports that a Pennsylvania man was arrested Tuesday after flashing his breast implants at a local Wal-Mart.

23 year old Jeremy Owens was arrested by police officers on a public bus in Lackawanna County after flashing fellow Wal-Mart customers his breast implants. He didn’t go quietly in the process either, fighting against police officers and banging his head against the window of the police cruiser he was placed in to cut himself and allegedly spit blood at the police officers.

The arrest of “Jamie” (the name Jeremy likes to refer to himself by) is based on charges of drug possession, aggravated assault and – just to top it off – making terroristic threats. No charges of indecent exposure, though.

This arrest makes the third time in 8 months Jeremy was taken in, first in March for reportedly spitting on two female customers and most recently two weeks ago for lying to police about a knife-point abduction of a female friend.

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