Orangutan in Poland Addicted to Jane Austen

Ever try getting into Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”, but have a hard time just keeping to the pages? That’s not the case for an orangutan in a Polish zoo, according to the Daily Mail – “Albert” goes through 50 pages a night of it!

The book obsession came as a result after a frustrated zoo keeper, Michael Krause, was frustrated while trying to get the orangutans under his care to settle down at night and started reading. He was surprised when he found Albert start reading over his shoulder, so he began reading the story out loud.

Like magic the stories began to calm the orangutans under his care, helping to do what hours of play and treats earlier by other zoo keepers could not and get them to settle down. Now Albert is addicted to it, and will gladly go calmly to sleep each night so long as he gets his daily dose of literature gold.

Now, if only English teachers can find out how to do this for their own students in class…

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