Paula Broadwell Warned Gen. Allen Jill Kelley was a ‘Seductress’

Paula Broadwell warned Gen. Davis Jill Kelley Seductress

general john allen

Petraeus affair mistress Paula Broadwell, in addition to sending cat-fight emails to her rival, whistleblower Jill Kelley, also sent at least one weird email to Kelley’s “friend” and pen-pal Gen. John Allen.

ABC reports an anonymous email from Broadwell warned Allen to watch out for the “seductress.”

Allen is under investigation for 20,000-30,000 pages of allegedly “inappropriate” email correspondence with Kelley. Among the emails investigators found one in which Allen tells Kelley of the anonymous email warning.

Kelley was thrust into the center of the Petraeus affair scandal when it came out that she prompted the investigation that uncovered Petraeus’ emails to Broadwell, blowing the lid off the affair. She convinced a friend in the FBI to probe anonymous emails from Broadwell, who apparently viewed Kelley as a rival for Gen. Petraeus’ affections.

The Wall Street Journal, which apparently has access to some of the emails in question, references one in which Broadwell asks Kelley if Kelley’s husband knows she’s been playing footsie with Petraeus under the table.

Now it appears the jealous Broadwell was working on two fronts, in junior-high-girl fashion, to cripple her rival: threatening Kelley about Petraeus while also sabotaging Kelley’s flirtatious relationship with Allen.

Allen succeeded Petraeus as head commander in Afghanistan and was in line to be NATO commander. Now both military superstars have been crippled by email exchanges with younger women.

As Yakov Smirnov would say, “What a country!”

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