Serial Killer Glen Rogers — Not O.J. Simpson — Killed Nicole: Documentary

Glen Rogers OJ Simpson Nicole Brown Simpson murder documentary

Everybody knows O.J. did it. Right?

Well … maybe not.

A new documentary airing this week claims it was “Cross Country Killer” Glen Rogers — a man who boasted of slaying some 70 women — who murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in June 1994.

Called My Brother the Serial Killer, the Investigation Discovery film premieres at 9 p.m. EST Wednesday, November 21. It claims the victims in the O.J. case were offed by a madman who continued on a cross-country killing spree after the high-profile murders.

But the documentary hardly lets O.J. off the hook. The film — based largely on interviews with the killer’s brother Clay — alleges O.J. hired Glen to break into Nicole’s house and steal some pricey earrings. Murder was not the intent, but O.J. supposedly gave the intruder free rein to kill the “bitch” if necessary.

Far-fetched? We do know how much O.J. likes to get his stuff back.

And the claims aren’t new, despite just coming to light now. The New York Post reports that Glen bragged to his family about his connection to Nicole before the murders:

When Rogers phoned his family in 1994, according to the film, he actually said he was working and partying with her and that she was rich, and that he was “going to take her down.” A few years after the murders, when Rogers was already on death row for other murders, he admitted to a criminal profiler that he’d killed Simpson and Goldman.

Glen even provided receipts to investigators showing he worked construction in the area at the time of Nicole’s murder and gave details that showed intimate knowledge of the killings.