Study Shows Strong Teens Live Longer

Looking for another good reason to work out? A recent study announced by the BBC shows that teenagers who are more muscular tend to live longer.

While the connection between “fitness” and “long life” may seem obvious to most people the study done by Swedish experts wanted to look more into just how much being fit helps prolong people’s lives. What they found is that teens with above-average muscle mass have a 20-35% less chance of dying from anything including heart conditions, mental illnesses or other problems with up to a 65% less chance of ever developing schizophrenia or depression.

To put that into contrast, teens aged 16-19 with low muscle mass were found to have a high risk of taking a dirt nap before their mid-50s.

Think being overweight has anything to do with it? Even bigger guys were found to live longer, provided they keep their muscles tones regularly. While it’s true that some tended to have higher risk of developing heart conditions or diabetes they were still proven to live longer than low-muscle counterparts their own age.

The study was done by looking at 26,145 people over a period of time and tracking their bodies, so this result isn’t based on some small assessment pool.

In short: Get out there and do some exercise before the lack of it kills you! (But always be sure to come back and see the latest news at between workouts, of course.)

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