The Best Celebrity Election Day Tweets

With the election getting under way this morning, celebrities have been active on Twitter, encouraging the masses to vote and cramming their misguided political dispositions down our throats. Here’s a few of our favorites here at Heavy, unadulterated and uncensored in all their self-righteous goodness.

I tell you what, I won’t write any articles about the importance of lip syncing in cold cuts, and you can shut your mouth about the election. Deal?

Junkies eventually tire, Jeff. This is more a zombie apocalypse style frenzy.

JLo, the whole bipartisan shtick doesn’t really fly when you post the polling stations on a candidate’s website.

How many times do you think he had to croak through “Sweet Caroline” trying to convince people it was really him? Also, how many people just hung up anyway?

Not sure if the tone here is condescending enough? Seriously, this guy couldn’t give kittens away without sounding like a pompous ass.

That acronym that looks a little too similar to scrotum for anyones liking actually stands for the U.S. Supreme Court. Also I’m not sure if he’s aware the current judges have been appointed across several administrations, or that the court’s main duty is to interpret and apply the … wait why am I trying to make any sense of this?

How long did you laugh when you saw the words Kardashian and educate in the same sentence?

Keep the wigs at home…am I the only person that finds that sh*t terrifying?

Is there anything more revolutionary than casting your vote in an election that is heavily decided by the residents of Ohio? You and Che should go grab a beer somewhere.

And people wonder why turnout for the Democratic party is always a concern.

Yes, Kanye, President Obama is at least as inspiring as an alleged child abuser. Perhaps mostly because Obama still exists, unlike everyone else on this list.

You know, even then they didn’t look like the type of guys that would get along too well, despite having the same educational pedigree and probably having more in common than anyone wants to admit.