Was Paula Broadwell Harassing David Petraeus’ Friends?

This is very early in the story, but Martha Raddatz, ABC News Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent and moderator of the recent vice presidential debate, has tweeted that several people who knew CIA Director David Petraeus got anonymous harassing emails. This kicked off the investigation that led back to Paula Broadwell.

Who sent the emails? Was Broadwell harassing Petraeus’ friends and colleagues? Was it her husband (the same one that might have written into Chuck Klosterman at the New York Times about it)?

Right now we have more questions than answers. We can only guess. Based on that tweet, it appears that Paula Broadwell may have been harassing people connected to Petraeus, but none of that is certain. This is all developing very quickly.

**UPDATE** We have confirmation! It was Paula Broadwell who sent the harassing emails.

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