Adam Lanza Dreamed of Being a Marine: Mom Nancy Lanza Said No

Adam Lanza Wanted to be a Marine

Adam Lanza

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooter Adam Lanza aspired to be one of the “the few, the proud.” And if he couldn’t be a Marine, he planned to join another branch of the military.

Adam Lanza  wanted to become a marine

Nancy Lanza

That’s what Adam’s mom, Nancy Lanza, told one of her closest friends, Ellen Adriani, of Newtown, Connecticut. In the beginning Nancy had supported her son’s idea, believing the military would give him purpose. But the more she thought about it, the more she realized her troubled son was hardly an ideal candidate for the service, reports CT Post:

It became overwhelmingly clear to her that it (military service) wasn’t right for him,” Adriani said. ‘She squashed’ any notion of Adam joining the Marines or any branch of the armed services by reminding him “that he didn’t like to be touched,” said Adriani, and that if he were injured, “doctors and medics would have to handle him to treat him.”

Adriani and Nancy had been friends for years, sharing a passion for good food and gardening.

According to Adriani, Nancy was proud of Adam and did everything she could for him. If Adam was angry about the giving up his military career, Adriani had no idea.

The NY Post reported that Adam spent two days home preparing for massacre after Nancy went away on a mini vacation.