Javon Steven Foster, Suspect in Metrobus Shooting, Commits Suicide
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Javon Steven Foster, Suspect in Metrobus Shooting, Commits Suicide

Javon Steven Foster, a suspect in the Metrobus shooting in southeast Washington, D.C. that killed a 20-year-old woman and injured her toddler, committed suicide in Long Island, New York, sources say.

Selina Brown was fatally shot multiple times as she and her 23-month-old daughter boarded the SE Metrobus around 5:30 p.m. Sunday. Brown was pronounced dead at the scene. Her daughter, Kodi, was hit in the face with a bullet and was brought to Children’s National Medical Center. The toddler is currently in stable condition.

Brown’s family said that the suspect in the shooting was Kodi’s father and that Brown had been trying to break up with him.

“It crushes my family. … It just crushes us,” said Brown’s stepfather, Derrick Ferguson, a D.C. police officer. “She should have been a model. She was beautiful. It shouldn’t have happened.”

A witness to the shooting told News4 that he heard four shots.

“I just ran out here to see what was going on,” the man said. “I went over there and saw that body laying on that bus. Somebody was holding the baby, a lot of blood was on the baby.”

Brown was visiting a friend in southeast D.C. when she ran into Foster on the Metrobus. Witnesses say the two were arguing at the bus stop before Foster shot Brown in the face as she stepped onto the bus.

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