No Charges as 9 Guns Seized after ‘Threats’ to Kill L.A. Kindergartners

kyle bangayan l.a. elementary school threat facebook

In another disturbing story in the wake of the Sandy Hook Massacre, a California man with an arsenal of weapons was arrested for alleged threats against Los Angeles elementary schools — including kindergarten. Here’s what we know about Kyle Bangayan, 24, of Pomona, who was booked on Sunday.

1. UPDATE: The DA will NOT Bring Charges
Fox News reported Monday evening that despite the threat perceived by the FBI and local police, Bangayan didn’t make a specific enough threat to make charges stick against him.

2. He Allegedly Made the Threats on His Facebook Page

On his Facebook page, Kyle Bangayan allegedly threatened harm against Los Angeles area elementary schools. The threats did not mention specific schools but did mention kindergarten.

3. He Allegedly Made Reference to Perpetrating his Own Sandy Hook

The now-free suspect allegedly suggested he would perpetrate a mass killing along the lines of the Sandy Hook Massacre in Connecticut.
KPCC quotes LAPD Commander Andrew Smith:

It basically referenced what happened in Connecticut and it basically indicated that he was thinking about doing that type of thing at a school or schools here in Los Angeles. We don’t know if he was actually planning on carrying these out, we have to assume he was, that’s why he’s sitting in jail right now.

4. Police Found NINE Guns

Kyle Bangayan school threat

A Google Street View of Felipe Bangayan’s apartment complex at 1242 N. New Hampshire Avenue in East Hollywood.

At the East Hollywood home of Felipe Bangayan, Kyle’s dad, police found nine firearms including rifles, shotguns and handguns — plus ammunition. They searched the home on Sunday, and Felipe cooperated with the search. Police have not released information about the guns’ ownership.

5. Kyle Was Arrested at His Parents’ Home
Kyle was arrested Sunday at the same home where the guns were found, reportedly after a resident of the home notified police. Both the LAPD and the FBI carried out the arrest. L.A. Daily News reported Kyle was arrested at 11:15 a.m. The local NBC station reported it was 2 p.m. He was jailed on $500,000 bail.

6. No Guns Were Found in the Suspect’s Home
Police also searched the suspect’s home in Pomona and found no guns. Pomona is about 30 miles east of Koreatown.

7. He’s an Engineering Student

kyle bangayan cal poly college

Fox News reported that Bangayan is a student at the California State Polytechnic University, which is in Pomona, where the suspect lived. A February 2012 article in the school’s student newspaper quotes a student named Kyle Bangayan discussing the campus police crackdown on skateboarding:

Kyle Bangayan, a sixth-year engineering technology student, is one of the many students who recognizes the unsafe places on campus to ride on and tends to dismount his skateboard when red signs or roadways pop up. “When it’s not raining I am skateboarding,” said Bangayan. “During my freshman year, a cop pulled me over and gave me a warning. After that I didn’t ride for a year but then I realized that they don’t really enforce the policy.” Bangayan said that while he respects the rules he doesn’t truly understand the policy because the campus seems broad enough that students should know where it is and is not safe to ride. … “I’m already subconsciously following the rules,” said Bangayan. “It’s going to be the same for me when I ride my skateboard and my bike but I’ve seen people skateboard in the front of the red signs and they might be in trouble.”

8. Los Angeles Schools Are on Winter Break

9. Police Are Planning Stepped-Up Security of all L.A. Schools

L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck is rolling out a plan for increased security for some 1,000 schools in his jurisdiction. He’s expected to make an announcement at a press conference today.

10. Other Facebook Posts Have Led to Arrests after Sandy Hook
Bangayan isn’t the only person arrested for making shocking social media posts in the wake of the Sandy Hook Massacre. AP reports at least two other similar Facebook posts leading to arrests in recent days:

•In Springfield, Ohio, cops arrested an 18-year-old man for a Facebook post that said he’s tired of the comments related to the massacre, and they make him want to shoot kids.

• In Columbia, Tennessee, a 19-year-old was arrested for a Facebook post expressing the desire to go on a rampage in the wake of the massacre.