Sandy Hook Massacre
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Sandy Hook Massacre
Chris Murphy, Connecticut Senator: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Senator Chris Murphy, whose state was the site of the Sandy Hook school shooting, started a filibuster on the Senate floor over gun control after Orlando.

Jason Adams: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Adam Lanza’s Father Wishes His ‘Evil’ Son Had Never Been Born

LISTEN: Adam Lanza’s Bizarre 2011 Call to Oregon Radio Show

Adam Lanza’s Shrink Lost His License After ‘Sexual Relationship’ With Patient

Full Sandy Hook Shooting Report Released [DOCUMENTS]

Police have released thousands of pages of the official Sandy Hook shooting report.

WATCH: Barack and Michelle Obama’s Moment of Silence for Sandy Hook Anniversary

Remembering the 26 Victims of Sandy Hook, One Year Later

Sandy Hook Shooting, One Year Later: 30 Photos We’ll Never Forget

WATCH: Newtown Anniversary Gun-Control Ad Depicts Little Kids & Gunman

LISTEN: 911 Calls From Inside Sandy Hook Elementary School

After a prolonged legal battle, the town of Newtown, Connecticut, has released the disturbing audio files of the 911 calls from inside Sandy Hook Elementary School.

‘NEWTOWN: An American Tragedy’ — Top 5 Revelations of New Sandy Hook Book

Never-Before-Seen Sandy Hook Shooting Crime Scene Evidence Photos

Chilling New Police Photos From Inside the Room of Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza

Sandy Hook Shooting Report Released: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Report Reveals Findings in Sandy Hook Massacre [FULL DOCUMENT]

Sandy Hook Video Game Reenacts Horrible Tragedy and Sparks Outrage

Sandy Hook School Demolition Begins: Construction Workers Sworn to Silence

Sandy Hook Mother Nelba Marquez-Greene’s Letter to Teachers Everywhere

Families of Sandy Hook Massacre Victims May Each Get $281,000

$7.7 million is going to be distributed to the families of the victims that were affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

Jim Carrey Can’t Support ‘Kick Ass 2′ After Sandy Hook Massacre

Poll: 44% of Republicans Say Armed Rebellion May Be Necessary in U.S.

Sandy Hook Victims’ Relatives in Area Where Boston Bomb Exploded

Glee School Shooting Episode: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Adam Lanza’s College Records: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

In the records Lanza chooses not to identify his gender or to describe himself.

Iowa Newspaper Publishes Map of Iowa Schools Lacking Security

REVEALED: Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza Fired 155 Bullets in 5 Minutes

Michael Moore Wants to Publish Bloody Sandy Hook Victim Photos

Sources: Adam Lanza May Have Been Inspired by Norway Massacre

Director Jonathan Bucari Filming Sandy Hook School Massacre Movie

Meet the world’s most insensitive director.