SHOCKING LEAKED VIDEO: Boy Jokes about Rape during Party Where it Occurred

In a sickening video, leaked by an Anonymous sub-group KnightSect, former Steubenville (Ohio) High student Michael Nodianos laughs and jokes about the well-being of the girl who was allegedly raped by two local football players at a party on August 11, 2012. He’s at the party while making the video.

In August, two Steubenville High School students, Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond allegedly raped a 16 year old girl after getting her drunk and drugging her. Both were originally charged with kidnapping and rape, but have since seen the kidnapping charges dropped. They are both currently under house-arrest awaiting trial.

Nodianos’ tweets on the night of the incident became infamous, but have since been deleted.

Michael Nodiamus, Steubenville Rape Video.

Nodianos is a former baseball player at the school. In his disgusting “comedy” rant he claims the girl is dead and compares her to JFK, OJ’s wife, Caylee Anythony, and Trayvon Martin.

“She is so raped”, he says as he giggles like the horrible human being he is. When some of the party goers attempt to talk some sense to him by suggesting what his reaction would be if it was his daughter he replies: “But it isn’t”.

This shocking image was posted on social media on the night of the alleged rape.

The protest group Anonymous had previously made it clear they were targeting those who referred to themselves as the “Rape Crew”.

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