Bubble Wrap Saves Construction Worker Who Fell 30 Feet

Exactly one week after the rarely celebrated Bubble Wrap Appreciation day, a Boston construction worker fell a frightening 30 feet at a job site and was saved by the popular packing material. Thankfully for the 38-year-old, the scaffolding was covered in bubble wrap and a pile of it broke his potentially deadly fall, reports WCBTv:

A spokesman for the Boston Fire Department said the construction worker got stuck in the material and had to be cut free.

Interestingly, bubble wrap has been “popping” in the news lately. Last week 366 high school students from Hawthorn, New Jersey, broke the Guinness World Record for most people popping bubble wrap at once. The stunt raised money for the Sandy Hook Elementary School fund.

In December, an Italian artist set up bubble wrap popping stations at various bus stops in Milan to help travelers “reduce stress.”

bubble wraps saves construction worker

Just two days ago, the first ever bubble wrap bikini was launched on Etsy (only $21.70).

If you’re a bubble wrap fan, check out the BWAD website.

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