CNN Tests the Driving Skills of Really Stoned Drivers [VIDEO]

After Washington and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana use, there was a lot of discussion about stoned driving — what the limit should be, how it should be measured, and how cops can tell if a driver is too high to drive.

CNN has conducted a driving test that subjects three different pot smokers, each with a varying tolerances, to increasing doses of pot — a strain called “Blueberry Train Wreck” — to see how they perform behind the wheel. It’s pretty funny. Watch the test above.

Each person smoked at least nine-tenths of a gram of pot — toking in stages to get progressively blazed.

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The drivers performed well at first, save for a few mistakes. But after smoking way more ganja than they were used to, their driving got progressively worse. Parking cones were knocked over, stoned conversations ensued and the baked participants were giggling as they drove.

Thurston County, Washington’s “high” class community should pay close attention to this news report.

Outtakes of Addy’s super-stoned driving exam can also be seen below:

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