See the Photos of Aston Martin’s $3000 Stroller

Silver Cross Aston Martin, Aston Martin Stroller.

Legendary British car maker Aston Martin have teamed up with Silver Cross, a British stroller company who’ve been around since 1877, to create a James Bond-esque baby stroller. Is “baby” redundant before “stroller”? Possibly, but I want to make it painstakingly obvious that this is an Aston Martin for BABIES!!

Aston Martin Stroller Silver Cross Stroller Harrods Aston Martin.


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The Daily Mail reports that the wheels on the stroller are modeled on the wheels from the Aston Martin one-77. For the sake of context, a one-77 will set you back $1.4 million at your local dealership.

Aston Martin Stroller Silver Cross Stroller Harrods Aston Martin

Only 800 will be manufactured and all will be sold at the swanky Harrod’s Department Store in London. Each one will come equip with a certificate of authenticity, because no parent wants the embarrassment of being accused of owning a knock-off Aston Martin stroller. According to Harrods the newest Aston Martin features:

Surf – Aston Martin Edition chassis finished in anodised aluminium and magnesium alloy
Surf – Aston Martin Edition seat unit finished in luxurious Alcantara® and leather
Surf – Aston Martin Edition carrycot finished in Alcantara®, performance fabric and leather
Alcantara® harness and buckle protector pads
Performance fabric hood and apron
Winter footmuff with windproof performance fabrics
Sun shade and rain shield
Folding detachable shopping basket
Suitable from birth
L98cm x W58cm x H92-100cm
Chassis 7.5kg, Body 3.8kg

Harrods also notes that sadly they won’t be exporting the stroller.

Aston Martin Stroller Silver Cross Stroller Harrods Aston Martin

According to the Daily Mail, the chairman of Silver Cross, Alan Halsall said:

I am thrilled that Silver Cross and Aston Martin are working together and have produced this brand new totally exclusive pram which is a great testament to two of the most famous British brands.

Aston Martin Stroller Silver Cross Stroller Harrods Aston Martin



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