A Royal Air Force Base is up for Sale on eBay

RAF Base for sale on eBay

Let’s face it, the British Royal Air Force (RAF) isn’t what it once was. So much so that any regular Joe can now purchase an RAF base on eBay for the recession-proof price of just over $3 million dollars, the Norfolk Evening Star reports.

The base, named Neatishead, was primarily used as a radar base until being decommissioned in 2006 thanks to Ministry of Defense budget cuts. Neatishead was most active during World War II and the Cold War as it monitored British skies against potential Nazi and Commie threats.

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According to the seller, realty agent Nick Barlow of Barlow Associates, located in the midlands of England, the price of $3 million is greatly reduced.

Barlow told Sky News:

There’s only so much you can do in property magazines, so we thought we’d try this [eBay], and it has proved remarkably effective. It is something slightly different for people who wouldn’t otherwise have heard about it.

The site has potential for a wide range of uses. The underground bunker would be a very good data storage center, and its proximity to the Norfolk Broads and the coast opens up leisure possibilities.

RAF Base for sale on eBay

For your investment of $3 million you will be the proud owner of:

• Four former radar rooms
• Tennis and squash courts
• Station HQ
• A former RAF Mess Hall
• An underground bunker

When the base was decommissioned in 2006 it was purchased by British company called Stylespace for a fee of $6 million, but the company is willing to take a hit on the sale.

The base is also currently the home of the RAF Air Defense Radar Museum, which would remain. Bidding closes February 8, so don’t delay.

RAF Base for sale on eBay

The Radar Museum at Neatished

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