Woman Marries Twin Sister’s Killer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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On Valentine’s Day, an Argentinian woman married the man convicted of murdering her twin sister — to the dismay of her distraught parents and an angry crowd that gathered to throw stones and eggs.

Edith Casas, 23, wed Victor Cingolani, 28, who was returned to his cell after the ceremony to serve the remaining 12 years of a 13-year prison sentence. He was convicted last year of being a “willing participant” in the 2010 murder of fashion model Johana Casas.

The ceremony took place at a civil registry office in Pico Truncade, southern Argentina, the same city where Johana’s dead body was found on the outskirts of town — shot twice.

Here’s what you should know about this bizarre love story:

1. Edith Believes Victor is Innocent

woman marries twin sisters killer

Victor and Edith.

Edith says she’s in love with her husband, whom she’s been dating since before the murder, and that he did not kill her sister. They plan to start a family. She said this in a prior interview:

I’m going to get married to the person I love and not the person who killed my sister. Victor is not a violent person and I’m not mad. We’ve got no doubts about what we’re doing. We love each other.

Cingolani is appealing his conviction and expects to win. His lawyer says he’s the victim of a “judicial scandal.”

2. Edith’s Family Disowned Her

woman marries twin sisters killer edith

Edith Casas.

Still grieving the loss of one twin daughter, the family has now doubled its grief — as Edith is symbolically dead to them. The twins’ father, Valentin Casas, summed it up like this:

For me, they are both dead. Johana is with God and Edith is with the Devil.

3. Edith Had to Pass Psych Tests to Marry the Killer

woman marries dead sisters killer victor

Victor is serving a 12-year sentence.

Edith’s mother, Marcelina, managed to block an earlier wedding date in December by claiming Edith was mentally incompetent. But Edith successfully completed court-ordered psychological testing, and the wedding was rescheduled. Marcelina says Edith is “guilty of a terrible betrayal,” and she fears Victor may harm Edith too.

4. Victor Used to Date the Slain Sister

woman marries twin sisters killer victor johana

Victor and Johana.

Johana, murdered shortly before her 20th birthday, was a former girlfriend of Victor. He says he broke up with her and moved on to Edith long before the murder. At the time of her death, Johana was thought to be dating a man named Marco Diaz (see below).

5. Johana’s New Boyfriend Also Was a Suspect

woman marries twin sisters killer johana

Johana was a fashion model.

Marco Diaz, Johana’s boyfriend when she died, also was targeted by investigators and will reportedly face trial. Victor’s lawyer claims Marco is the true killer and that he had no help from Victor:

… cigarette butts found near Johana’s body belonged to Diaz and all the witnesses have incriminated him.

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