12-Year-Old Girl Brings $20K to School in Michigan

girl brings 20k to school

This girl is making it rain!

A 12-year-old student brought $20,000 in her backpack to her sixth-grade classroom in Taylor Michigan on Monday, according to WXYZ.com.

The girl reportedly gave $200 to a fellow student and $500 to another. How generous!

She claims she was given the cash by her neighbors. Police have the money now and are waiting until the neighbors can provide an explanation for having the cash and what it was going to be used for.

Who doesn’t have $20,000 cash lying around, and who wouldn’t give it to their 12-year-old neighbor to hold?

girls counting money

This isn’t even the craziest thing a kid has brought to school. Last year a boy in Connecticut brought 50 packets of heroin to school for show and tell. His stepfather was subsequently arrested.

A few weeks ago, a boy in Virginia brought his father’s marijuana to school to stop him from smoking it, but the boy is now facing expulsion!

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